AO Technologies are global leaders in the RF and microwave industry.  Founded in Paris, France in 2003 by managing director, Philippe de Menais,  AO delivers entire satellite communication solutions and high end quality microwave components. Our team comprises of experts in engineering, research and development which defines our competitive edge. We are able to provide a wholly integrated service from in house design, testing, installation and consultation to ensure our customers achieve their precise need with our full support. We offer an array of system applications for a diverse group of markets such as the defence, government, broadcast and medical industries.


AO Technologies manufactures, tests and installs VSAT antennas, switching antennas, waveguide assemblies, filters, amplifiers and other electronic components in house to provide our customers with complete satisfaction through each stage. Our navigation antennas and communication systems provide absolute connection across air, land and sea. In addition we offer a range of cables (DC – 60 GHz) such as coaxial microwave cables, high power microwave cable assemblies, multi-conductor wire and cable, high temperature PTFE hook up wire and dielectric cores. Each cable is specifically designed to withstand harsh environments through strong composition, abrasion resistance and high flexibility assets.


AO Technologies are located in Europe, Asia and the U.S. and are currently looking to expand in the Middle East. These areas of expertise will work in synergy offering innovative solutions to our customers in which we are ‘Always On’ to support, guide and establish long lasting relationships.