AmpliTech Ka-Band Satcom LNA

UGS : APTW4-18002650-2510-42. Catégories : , , , . Brands: .

An AmpliTech waveguide (WR-42) amplifier with an operating frequency of 18.0 – 26.5 Ghz, an ultra low noise figure of 2.2 dB (191.3 °K) max, and a minimum output power of +10 dBm (+20 dBm IP3). Optimized BW from 17.8 – 21.3 GHz can also be provided with noise figure as low as 135 ºK. Its design is a two piece modular system – which helps in the assembly, troubleshooting, and field repairs of the amplifier. The model is unconditionally stable and can operate with the most intense weather conditions, temperatures (-55° to +85°C), shock, and vibrations. The amplifier comes with a 3 year standard warranty and can be customised to meet your exact specifications.


  • Military
  • Telecom
  • Telemetry
  • Space