MCV Microwave was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. With extensive experience in thick film microcircuits, microwave dielectric, ferrite and ceramic multilayer technologies, MCV Microwave is a major supplier of thick film hybrid circuits and RF Microwave filters including band pass filters, band reject filters, low pass filters, high pass filters, multiplexers, ceramic filters, lumped element filters, cavity filters and helical filters.

Our focus is to provide industry best microwave filters while also providing early adopter wireless solutions that involve broadband wireless, small cell, pico cell, in-building networks, mobile hotspot solutions, GPS antenna, distributed antenna system, 4G and 5G solutions, broadband antenna and broadband internet solutions.

MCV listens to each customer’s specific needs and provides quick-turn solutions at competitive prices. We focus on service and offer exceptional value in terms of quality, delivery, pricing and convenience. Trust us to help you design your future.

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