Waveguide networks :
AO Technologies has the experience and design expertise to supply a complete range of Uplink and Downlink Networks for communication applications.
The Company has an unsurpassed reputation for networks which switch and combine high power signals. The network complexity ranges from simple passive diplexing of two signals to the switching and combining of up to twelve outputs from high power amplifiers (HPA). These high power microwave subsystems are fully complemented by AO Technologies controllers which interface the microwave networks with the system control computers and system operators. These controllers provide the complex control signals to the microwave components within the networks while also providing a well-defined digital interface to the system.

Waveguide components :
For more than 16 years, AO Technologies has been supplying critical waveguide components and subsystems for point-to-point radio systems within the frequency range of 2 GHz to 60 GHz. Our customers include original equipment manufacturers, service providers and systems installers based throughout the world.
AO has developed an impressive capability in all the specialized processes involved in the fabrication of high precision waveguide components and assemblies. Our products are suitable for both interior and harsh exterior deployments.

Flexible Waveguides :
AO Technologies products have more than sixteen years of proven field experience, demonstrating their unmatched dependability and reliability day after day.
This level of dependability can be found in our line of flexible waveguides. Uniquely designed to be a high quality but cost -effective solution for the satellite communications market, this line of flexible waveguides sets the standard for the satellite industry.
AO Technologies ISO-standard manufacturing ensures high quality waveguides for satellite communications applications. The construction of the guide is similar for both twistable and non- twistable versions. The design consists of an inner core, two connecting flanges soldered into position, and a protective outer jacket. The core is manufactured from pre-convoluted brass strip helically wound to extremely close tolerances around a rectangular mandrel.

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