iStock_000033021886SmallSatellites are progressively challenged to connect isolated networks to the main Internet pathways and mobile infrastructure. They are often the only technology able to directly secure and restore communication and therefore it is critically important for the medical and defence sectors to have immediate communication and responsive services.

AO Technologies provide everything from complete earth stations through to simple waveguides and cabling.

VSAT satellite solutions

AO Technologies are proud to offer the latest in VSAT technology. AO can supply your exact requirement within an efficient and reliable time frame. The VSAT range of products include: Mobile, Flyaway and fixed systems with GEO, MEO, LEO and inclined orbit tracking. These are available in C, X, KU and Ka frequency bands with antenna sizes from 1.2 M to 3.8 M.

System Integration

VSAT Systems

0.9m to 3.8 m antenna

  • Reflector types: Prime Focus, Single or dual offset of aluminium or composite construction or flat arrays.
  • 0.9 m to 3.8 m in diameter, single or multiple petals, Eutelsat type approved
  • Covering C-band, Ku, DBS and Ka
  • “Bolt down King Post or non-penetrating mount”
  • Mounting Kit for Transceiver / BUC
  • Motorisation kit, Az / El tracking controller with remote-control
  • Deicing Kit, either partial or complete

Medium and Large Aperture Earth Stations

3.8 to 21 m antenna

  • Cassegrain / Gregorian
  • 3.8 m to 21 m in diameter, including Eutelsat and Intelsat approved
  • Available in Bands covering C to Ka. Also available in multiband configurations
  • Large hub options for easy integration of Satcom equipment
  • Movement in azimuth 200 degrees as standard
  • Motorisation kit, Az / El tracking controller with remote-control
  • De-icing Kit, either partial or complete

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