Apollo - Mitec Microwave

At Apollo – Mitec Microwave, we’ve been manufacturing industry-leading standard and custom engineered microwave components and subsystems since 1980. From 1 to 67 GHz, for low, medium, or high power applications, we have an extensive design library and an experienced engineering team to help service your RF needs.

We are dedicated to continuous research and development, and our technological capabilities allow us to create a solution for just about any challenge. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our products list, we will engineer a solution for you.

With the latest design software, sophisticated CNC machinery to support rapid prototyping, low, medium, and high volume production runs, state of the art testing equipment, and stringent quality control, all integrated in one ISO 9001 certified facility, Apollo delivers some of the best performing products in the industry.

We are leading supplier of waveguide components and sub-systems for the telecommunication, satellite and wireless communication industries.

We design and manufacture a wide range of standard and custom-engineered components for operating frequencies from 1 to 60 GHz, and for low or high power applications.

Located in Montreal, Canada, Apollo was founded in 1980. We operate in a world-class, fully integrated 60,000 square foot facility, with an experienced engineering team, specialized manufacturing resources, state-of-the-art testing equipment, and a stringent quality control system. We also have an additional 25,000 sq ft facility dedicated to wireless products. Apollo is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

For over 30 years, Apollo has been delivering quality, value and reliability in microwave networks. Our strong R&D culture has earned us a reputation as an innovator and industry leader. We are dedicated to providing products that set the benchmark for low loss, high power handling, and maximum isolation.

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